Friday, March 10, 2006

There has been a lot of discussion of XPod in the blogosphere, so I decided to setup a blog dedicated to just it. If you are going to reference XPod please point to this page.

Here are a few of the blogs that have mentioned XPod:
The Ebiquity Blog
Smart Mobs
Live Science
Pasta and Vinegar
Positive Technology Journal
The Mind Boggles
The Knowledge Collective
Mind Power News and Again
My Venting Space
Corneel is Online
Hunter's Nest

En Espanol

Several blogs republished these posts. For now I will not reference repostings. I know there are more, but I am tired of searching.

CNN came to our lab to interview us and see a demo. The film is in but I don't know when it will go live. When it is posted I will put that up here too.


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