Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Well there has been another uptick in XPod press. The meme started in Electronic Musician Magazine. It was picked up by MetaFilter. That lead to an article in Newsday. The Baltimore Sun has come out to interview me. There should be an article in the Sun about recommendation systems.

A short post was placed on MobBlog maintained by the University College London.

A MOG user picked up the story and posted it to their blog. They pointed out an interesting study a that showed that music can affect human physiology. Those studies give credence to Zary Segall's original idea of XPod as a device that would control a users mind and mood. For the time my development goes the other way around, the user mood controls the device.

Here are a few posts about xpod in a languages that I cannot read:

A couple more posts about XPod


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